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Earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage in Silicon Valley to talk about the new and upgraded Apple devices that the company will be rolling out throughout the course of this year. While a lot of the attention was focused on the different versions of the Apple Watch, there have been some pretty significant changes made to the Macbook too.

Apple's new Macbook will be both its thinnest and lightest models to date. To make this possible, the company has streamlined many of the features that are usually associated with laptops and eliminated those that are not entirely necessary.

Here are a few highlights from the announcement:

  • Light frame: The new Macbook will be ideal for people who are on the road a lot for work. The computer will weigh in at two pounds, half a pound less than the Macbook Air. For comparison, the iPad Air 2 weights just under one pound.
  • Only two ports: Instead of having a bunch of different ports on the side that nobody uses, the new Macbook will only have two. There will be one jack for headphones, and another all-purpose one about a third of the size of a standard USB port. This is where you can charge the battery, transfer data and transmit video.
  • Thin new body: The new Macbook is going to be the thinnest ever produced by Apple. At its thickets, the laptop will be only half an inch, which is 24 percent thinner than the existing 11-inch Macbook Air.

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