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Earlier this month, Apple replaced its old iPhoto app with a system that is now just called Photos. The advancements in this app, which is available with the current Apple operating system, makes it much easier for users to upload, edit, store and share pictures on their computers or smart devices.

If you use your Macbook Pro or iPad to store and edit your pictures, there are some features you should know about that will be able to enhance your overall experience. While this change might be a lot for those faithful to iPhoto, you will quickly find how advantageous the new system really is.

Here are a few news features offered by Photos:

  • Add text to any slideshow: If you are creating a slideshow, you can now add custom text and captions to the pictures that appear onscreen. All you need to do is click on the plus symbol on the lower right hand part of the screen to enter in whatever you want.
  • Create custom dark edges: To give your photos a little more drama, you can create a dark edge around the outline of the photo. You will find it in the available Edit options, which will allow you to darken and widen the borders of your photo as you see fit.
  • Edit a slow-motion video: When you open a slow-motion video in the Photos app, you can now edit much more easily than you once could in iPhoto.

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