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As we discussed in a previous blog post, there are certain items on your computer that you will never want to part ways with, whether those are old photographs of your family or an important report for your job. It will be your responsibility to sort through everything on your laptop and determine which are worth giving extra attention to and what can be deleted entirely. But once you have rounded up the videos and songs that are most important to you, where are you supposed to save them to?

Here are a few options for saving files to an external source:

  • External hard drive: The easiest way to keep your important files protected is by investing in an external hard drive. This piece of machinery is totally separate from your computer, so if something were to happen and your laptop's drive was wiped out, the external hard drive would not be affected.
  • Save to another computer: If there is another computer or laptop in your home, you can always save those files to it as well. That way, you have duplicates of everything that is important to you in your home that can be easily accessed.
  • Use a CD or DVD: While this might seem like an old school way to do things, it is certainly effective for smaller files at least. Break out a blank CD or DVD and fill the storage space with everything you do not want to lose. Just be sure to keep the discs themselves in a safe place!

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