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Apple will reportedly be hosting an event on October 22 at which they will unveil the next generation of its iPad and iPad mini devices, according to tech news site AllThingsD. It's been about a year since those products have received an update, so the news is keeping with the company's traditional schedule of releasing new, redesigned tablets every 12 months or so.

This would be the fifth generation of the iPad. It's expected to incorporate the thinner screen design of the iPad mini, along with Apple's 64-bit A7 processor that was first introduced with the iPhone 5s last month. 

The source notes that the unveiling will coincide with retail debut of the Microsoft Surface 2, thereby stealing some of the buzz away from one of the company's main rivals.

It's also been predicted that the new iPad mini will include a Retina display that will feature more brightness and resolution than the current iPad mini. When it was first released a year ago, some industry observers were surprised that the technology hadn't been incorporated into the device, considering that it has shown up in virtually every other Apple product.

There are some unconfirmed reports that the iPad mini could experience supply chain delays as Apple's manufacturing partners are having trouble with the new screen technology. Either way, it appears from the AllThingsD story that the company is definitely gearing up for a new product release just before the holiday season.

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