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Many students are heading back to school over the next month to embark on another semester of classes. As a result, they may be looking to upgrade the capabilities and functionality of their mobile computing devices such as the iPad mini. These tablets provide a great interface for reference and learning materials, and it's no surprise that they've become an important part of how students interact with their textbooks, school work and teachers.

If you're a student who's about to return to your educational institution, here are some apps that you may find useful:

  • Graphing Calculator: For reasons that are hard to understand, most graphing calculators still use 90's-era technology, including low-resolution displays and slow processors. But graphing calculator apps have become much more advanced, giving you more precise graphics along with an intuitive touch interface.
  • SAT Vocab Challenge: The SAT is a very difficult test, and requires a great deal of practice. This software will help you through the vocab section by making the process of learning new, obscure words much more fun than flashcards.
  • The Chemical Touch: This app provides those who are taking classes in chemistry, biology and other natural sciences with an interactive periodic table of the elements. You can tap on each square and the program gives you information about the element, including its mass, the number of each subatomic particle and its particular chemical classification.

Apple tablets like the iPad 4 provide an excellent platform for delivering educational content and helping you learn faster than the other kids in class. Make sure you stop by the PortableOne online store to see the best deals on these incredibly useful devices.

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