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What makes the Lenovo ThinkPad 10 a true game changer?

Lenovo is a leader in making compact, cost-effective products. The Lenovo ThinkPad 10 is a 10-inch Windows 8 tablet with an impressive array of options and accessories designed to convert this $599 wonder, into a laptop, a desktop and even a front-counter/front-desk commercial display.

Lenovo did not skimp on hardware features, with a 1920x1200 native pixel resolution gorilla glass display, Intel Atom Z3795 quad-core CPU, and a choice of 2 to 4 GB of RAM.

The Lenovo ThinkPad also does not compromise on physical storage, and offers the option of 64GB and 128GB SSD.

As an added bonus, the ThinkPad 10 is equipped with a stylus pen, rarely found in Tablets, and 3G/4G connectivity.

Don’t let the size fool you, this tablet packs a punch!

The ThinkPad 10 is more than a slate tablet, and its wide array of advanced accessories positions the ThinkPad in the same league as a professional business laptop.

Ultrabook Keyboard Stand

The size of the Ultrabook keyboard stand, priced at $129, is similar to the average ultraportable laptop keyboard and includes a responsive touchpad. The ThinkPad can fold onto the keyboard, making it for a great mobile unit.

Tablet Dock

With a price tag set at $119, the Lenovo ThinkPad can be enhanced with a powerhouse of options provided by a tablet dock equipped with external monitor connectivity, external keyboard, mouse and Ethernet port.

Quickshot Cover

Similar to the ThinkPad 8 cover, this $59 accessory comes with a fold-back corner designed to reveal the ThinkPad 10 camera lens.

Rugged case

A $69 rugged enclosure with a built-in hand strap, similar to those used in retail stores, and a thick outer layer limiting exposure to the elements and from collision.

Touch-keyboard cover

Priced at $119, this cover is flat and touch-sensitive, reminiscent of the Microsoft Surface keyboard.

The US release schedule for this tablet, as well as its range of accessories is set in June, with a base price set at $599, while global pricing and availability is yet to be announced.

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