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Using Your Smartphone To Control Your Grill

Summertime is when you want to bring out your grill to make a delicious BBQ. These days, technology has made cooking so easy for you. While in the past you had to mind the grill at all times, now you can use your smartphone to improve the process. It helps you keep track of your cooking and you can even get inspiration from it to cook fantastic recipes on your grill.

Here are just some of the ways you can use your smartphone for your grilling.

Get Ideas For Incredible Recipes

One of the favorite things about cooking is that you can always experiment. There are different recipes for BBQ all around the world. With your smartphone, you can gain access to these wonderful recipes online. Some grills even come with their own apps that provide lots of cooking tips and recipes for barbecue. You also have access to millions of videos where you can watch people grilling delicious recipes.

Keeps Your Recipes Organized

Another thing you can use your smartphone to do is save up your favorite recipes and keep them organized. There are easy to use mobile apps like Paprika that will easily detect and bring out your recipe data from the websites you visited. It will automatically upload it and organize the information to help you with your cooking. You can use this information to select the ingredients from the menu when you visit the grocery store to buy the food items you need.

Get Cooking Advice and Timing Your Cooking

If you struggle with getting the timing for the doneness of your barbeque, your smartphone has a solution for you. You have access to various apps like the SteakMate app which will come in handy when grilling. You can get advice on things like your cooking method, the desired doneness and the thickness of the meat, or how to cut it. Some of these smartphone apps will prompt you when it’s time to flip the beef and when to remove it from the grill. To make things better, you can also add your guest's names on the SteakMate app and it will let you know how long it would take to cook each person’s beef to doneness.

Track Your Cooking

If you need a timer for your grilling, your smartphone will come in handy. You can set your phone’s timer to keep track of your cooking. It will beep just in time when your meal is ready. If you want to avoid overcooking your barbeque, you should use the timer on your smartphone.

However, grills with their own app can also track your cooking and let you know when it’s done. You can control the temperature as well even if you’re away from the grill.

The Bottom Line

Some grills come with a technology where you can monitor your cooking through the app. It makes your cooking convenient and helps you avoid mistakes when making your barbeques. But for a great BBQ, you need a good working grill. There are many brands in the market and sometimes it's hard to choose between any of them. Lion and Blaze are two of the best names out there, but you should also know the difference between Lion and Blaze grills before making the final buying decision.

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