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Upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad to feature super-fast hybrid storage, zero-bloatware Windows 10.

Upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad to feature super-fast hybrid storage, zero-bloatware Windows 10.

News has recently leaked from Lenovo, about the next generation of ThinkPad 2-in-1 devices. The new batch of ultraportables planned for this year, are expected to feature some pretty amazing options that could make them very attractive to those considering an alternative to the more expensive Surface Book, as well as other high-end laptops.

CPU and Storage

According to announcements made by Lenovo at CES, the new laptops will be powered by a 7th generation Intel Core processor (Kaby Lake), and will be using Intel’s Optane storage technology, which is rumored to be exponentially faster than any currently available SSD technology, with the only drawback that the new laptops will only ship with 16GB storage drives. This means that the kind of drive we’ll see in these laptops, will be most likely a hybrid, which will include the 16GB Optane partition, with a secondary drive, which could be potentially a regular SSD, or other more readily available flash technology.


Apple is not the only one with a penchant for shedding old tech, and Lenovo seems to be in favor of going with full-on Thunderbolt 3 ports arrays, although information may change greatly from now till any official announcement.

Windows Hello

Facial recognition cameras will be included in the next ThinkPad devices, designed to integrate and work with Windows Hello, alongside fingerprint readers. This will provide at least two distinct secure login methods for users who are particularly concerned about privacy.

Windows 10 Signature

One of the best news in regard to the upcoming ThinkPad laptops is that there will be no bundled bloatware of any kind. Microsoft will provide Windows 10 Signature Edition to Lenovo, and allow the company to potentially brand the new laptops as Windows 10 Signature machines. Windows 10 Signature Edition is an OEM version of Windows 10, designed to provide the same clean, bloatware-free environment as a Windows 10 version purchased directly from Microsoft.


A software update will improve the accuracy on ThinkPad track pads, as well as adding compatibility features for Windows Ink. WIth that said, the trackpad won’t necessarily get a hardware upgrade.

New chassis

Finally, the next ThinkPad will get a much needed silver recolor, which will be a nice break from the traditional “dad’s laptop” black, which has been a staple of ThinkPad devices since they were first introduced.

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