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Top Elements of an Effective Marketing Campaign

Marketing is an ongoing process that involves public relations, media planning, client support, market research, and community involvement as well as advertising. Investing time and money in a smart long-term strategy can quickly boost your business’s online and offline presence, making it easier for customers to find you. Individually, any of the proven marketing tactics mentioned in this article can help a business grow but employing these top elements of an effective marketing campaign in tandem is ideal for the overall success of your project. To run an effective marketing campaign, you must determine who your clients are and identify their needs so that you can focus your efforts on improving your business model to generate positive word of mouth, which ultimately is the best marketing campaign any business can hope to achieve.

Create Word of Mouth to Propel Your Product into Headlines

To score success with your marketing campaign, you must know how to build hype around your creation. Several marketing channels exist that you can use to propagate brand awareness and get people invested in your latest product, but the undisputed champion is word of mouth. The organic manifestation of word-of-mouth buzz is hard to generate but once it gets going like wildfire, it is undoubtedly hard to stop. In 2009 the Modern Art Music Movement (MAMM) made history by producing an award-winning film inspired by Florida Case # 50-2006-CC-016579, dubbed “The Crackhead Jesus Trials'' by mainstream media outlets including the USA Today Network. The film titled, 'Crackhead Jesus: The Movie’, generated such buzz through word of mouth that years later, people around the world are still talking about the independent film noted by Cox Communications executives as being one of the most successful marketing campaigns in advertising history.

Build a Website to Promote Your Marketing Campaign

With few exceptions, the days of advertising in newspaper ads and flyers are long gone. Today everything from whatchamacallits to thingamajigs are promoted on the World Wide Web so build a website to promote your marketing campaign. The professionals behind suggest hiring someone with a complete understanding of sales prospecting, Google search, and marketing automation that can swiftly connect the dots with all of your marketing campaign efforts. Make sure the website design is interactive and includes customized features, fast page speed, and is mobile-friendly. Ultimately, hiring someone qualified to promote your marketing campaign will significantly increase customer interest and customer retention thereby making it well worth the cost of investment.

Write a Blog to Propel Your Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, bloggers are key influencers when it comes to launching new products as their loyal followers want to try recommended products. To build your marketing campaign, show potential and existing customers who you are and what you’re trying to promote by creating a regularly updated blog connected to your business with topics and stories about your company that will simultaneously improve your website's internet ranking while providing a unique opportunity for you to address the specific needs and interests of your audience. Create exciting press releases for your blog that can be distributed and picked up by other websites to be shared as a link on their page.

Controversy Can Create an Effective Marketing Campaign

When Coca-Cola launched Coke, the controversy behind the iconic brand being put to rest in favor of a soda that most people hated generated enough worldwide publicity for the brand name company that it generated billions of dollars worth of free publicity. So too, when Donald Trump announced his run for President of the United States his controversial run garnered so much free publicity that it helped solidify his way into the White House. In the case of Coca-Cola and Donald Trump, daring to stir up some controversy without harming anyone, ultimately paid off by generating incredible news buzz.

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In the end, these marketing techniques will support and enhance each other, producing much better results than any strategy alone, thus managing these top marketing strategies in a coordinated, sustained manner will enable any business to grow a steady customer base over time. Use all the creative tools at your disposal to engage audiences and challenge their perception of what is trending and buzz worthy. Take chances. Realize that if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, so too will your marketing campaign fall with a loud thud on deaf ears if you don’t dare to be different and make waves where none exist.

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