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This 27 inch iMac Retina handbag is one of those terrible ideas you just can’t stop staring at

27 inch Apple iMac Retina in a tote bag?

This is it: this is why we wake up in the morning. At last, someone has created the one thing capable of making Siri say “Sorry, I’m not wearing that, and you can’t make me!”.

At 21 pounds, the 27 inch iMac Retina 5K is made to sit on a desk. Its screen is made of glass. It doesn’t have a battery, and it requires a separate keyboard and mouse to operate. For every intent and purpose, the iMac Retina is not something you would put in a bag and hang on your shoulder, right?

Apparently, you’d be wrong according to Aliaksei Malevich, who has created what can only be described as a “handbag” for your iMac Retina.

The Lavolta Case, is a cross between an Italian fashion handbag, and a folio case, with a giant hole in the middle, from which the back and stand of an iMac Retina pour out like a white tongue, while you pretend not to make a tremendous effort not to tip over(or make eye contact), as you walk around a shopping mall, a Costco, or any public place short of the Spanish Steps.

This $79.99 accessory is designed to hold any size iMac, dating back to 2009, including the 21 inch Retina iMac 4K, and it weighs 1.7 pounds alone, including the genuine leather straps, and Wool Felt. Pockets are also available to hold the power supply, keyboard and mouse.

As convenient as it sounds, those looking to purchase a tote bag for their iMac will be disappointed to know that the bag does not feature a compartment for an Apple Magic Trackpad. With that said, if the Lavolta Case actually becomes a thing, Malevich may just gift us with a fashionable satchel, designed to fit the Apple Magic Trackpad.

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