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The new Apple TV is out: what should gamers expect?

The latest, radical, update of Apple TV, has expanded the set top box, into gamers territory, and according to a recent review by CNET’s Scott Stein, the brand new device does not skimp on performance.

Apple TV Nimbus Game Controller

According to Stein’s hands-on experience, the new Apple TV is capable of running virtually all games available in the App Store, from the most simple, to the most graphically intensive.

By this token, we can see how this is great news for developers, as, prior to the latest refresh of Apple TV, the iPad Air has been the biggest screen on which to experience iOS games so far, at a resolution, though respectable, that is still restricted to a tiny frame, and far from being capable of offering details that only a big home entertainment-sized display can offer.


Firing up your new Apple TV on a 50 inch screen or larger, means to display iOS content using a native resolution of 1080p. While this is far from being 4K or 5K resolution, it represents a staggering difference, compared to any number of iOS devices.

Games like Shadowmatic, Mr. Crab, and Geometry Wars, are described to look and play well enough to be worthy of established gaming consoles like PS4 or Xbox, with full support for HD, and flawless refresh rate.


The reinvented Apple Remote is now a requirement for developers to support games playable on Apple TV. By that token, the Apple TV also supports third party controllers, like the Steelseries Game Pad. This nice addition opens iOS games to a much wider audience, including console gamers, who will find support for a more traditional style of game pad, one more reason to consider Apple TV as an additional game console.

While Apple TV won’t allow gamers to experience AAA titles like Fallout 4, Uncharted, or Halo, or evolve into anything more than a streaming box capable of running iOS games, the experience is reportedly quite dramatic, and enough life-like for casual gamers to delve into.


Since Apple TV enables access to the App Store, all games purchased using an iPhone or iPad, will be instantly available for download on Apple TV. this is an added perk, as it means that gamers will be able to preview more intensive games on their devices, and decide whether or not they’d look forward to play them at home.

This also means that game developers on iOS will have a better chance at creating a following around their titles.

Final thoughts

The final verdict, according to Stein, is that Apple TV has a lot of potential, and it makes “...a semi-compelling case as a game system already, with just a few games...”.

While other streaming boxes, such as Fire TV, Chromecast, and most notably nVidia Shield, support casual game play, game consoles are a long way from being threatened. With that said, it’s easy to see how casual gaming may soon become a bigger deal than the smartphone and tablet universe it’s been living in.

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