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The Right Way to Choose Your PC Speakers

These days personal computers have been upgraded to a level that amazes our minds. We have 4K graphics and some brands that are already pushing for 8K. Computers have processors that belong to the 9th generation and graphic cards that support this astonishing 4K technology. But this increase in the graphical quality has also made the prices shoot through the roof. To provide high-quality products to the middle class, the companies have cut costs in other features like sound quality that comes with these screens.

A decent set of speakers is a necessity for your personal computer nowadays. But there are so many options available, from tiny bullets to 5.1 type speakers. This also encompasses 2.0 and 2.1 speaker systems. If you are not familiar with the terminology used to define speakers like 2.0 and 2.1. Then don’t worry it's straightforward. A 2.0 system has two satellite speakers but lacks a subwoofer, but a 2.1 speaker system has a subwoofer in addition to two satellite speakers. As you can now guess, a 5.1 speaker has one subwoofer and five satellite speakers.

Now that you are familiar with the system types you just have to ask yourself these questions:

Do you want wireless or wired speakers?

Both of these have their limitations and positive sides. Bluetooth speakers are portable and can be adjusted in your room at your discretion. But they do not provide a high-quality sound. The wired ones, on the other hand, have excellent sound quality but they sacrifice portability. For a PC, though, portability might not be a big deal.

Is the speaker going to be shared?

If you decide to go with wired ones based on the sound quality, you have to be sure that they have a 3.5mm jack. So, if they are placed in a shared place, shouldn’t miss Bluetooth technology to ensure seamless sharing.

Do you have smart home technology?

Smart home technologies are in demand these days. Alexa and Google Assistant prove to be very useful. Still, they’re not really necessary so the decision is up to you.

What level of sound quality are you looking for?

No matter how much fancier your speakers look, if they do not give the sound quality of the same level, they are not good speakers at all. It is where the 2.0, 2.1, and 5.1 speaker systems come in. A subwoofer also helps immensely with low frequencies, making it great for bass fans.

If that’s certainly up your alley, we recommend going with 2.1 PC-compatible speakers so you get great sound quality without spending too much.

Final Words

Long story short, if you want good sound quality and still want to stay within the economic range, assess first what you do and don’t need. There may be some features you’re willing to sacrifice more than others, so the choice is yours when it comes to the features you want in PC speakers.

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