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The Most Useful Gadgets To Have For Your Everyday Routine

Technology has allowed us to get more things done with more convenience and speed. Since time immemorial humanity has always sought to make things easier and has heavily depended on our ingenuity to achieve that goal. The alternative is an arduous, inefficient, and less productive life that is why we surround ourselves with gadgets that make our routine seamless and natural. This year has been one for the record books, so here are some of the gadgets that have provided us with the help that we need.

The Most Useful Gadgets To Have For Your Everyday Routine


Although there are a plethora of choices for portable power chargers in the market today, not all of them are on par with the performance in helping you get through your day. This device has been recognized by the people behind as an all-in-one portable, handy, wireless charging pad, and battery bank. This and other useful widgets make life easier for the everyday hustler. It can support numerous gadgets with USB charging as well as other various port types. Smartphones, however, have the wireless charging option which makes this already versatile gadget, a cut above its competitors.


This smart locking device solves a number of issues surrounding the security of your valuables whenever you’re out of your home. The free app allows you to control the device from a relatively great distance. You can locate your bag, get notified when people are too close to it, or if it starts to move without you nearby. It also has a stainless steel flexible cable which solves the problem of rusting over a certain period of time. The lock itself is made from heavy-duty metals ensuring durability and reliability for the users. The lithium-polymer battery is designed to only have to charge it once per year, and it can be changed easily using a micro-USB cable. This makes the device ready and secure whenever you need it.

The app keeps a record of the instances when the device is unlocked as well as how long. This allows you to check if your bag was broken into without your knowledge anytime. The main feature for this lock is the AES-bit encryption system which prevents cybercriminals from accessing the lock or your phone through the device. Users of this product are lauding its quality and the security it provides for their valuables. The combination of heavy-duty hardware and flawless software makes it a top gadget on this list.

Most Useful Gadgets For Everyday Routine

XY4+ And XY Find It

Losing or misplacing keys has been one of the most common drawbacks of living a fast-paced lifestyle. Engineers and designers have since released a variety of solutions for keeping track of your keys wherever you go. The XY4+ is another entry to compact user-friendly Bluetooth devices designed to trace belongings anytime. When you have one or more of these devices you can link it to your account using the XY Find It app. This free application syncs your devices to your smartphone, and it can then locate your device when you’re in its vicinity. The device has an alarm system that guides you in finding your belongings even if it’s muffled under a pile of clothes or other things. The battery also comes with a 2-year warranty, and it is rated to be functional for 5 years within continuous use. Although it’s not rechargeable, it’s very rare that you’ll require any replacement before the 5-year mark. It also has a “keep near” feature that you can set up to notify you if you’re separated from your item at a certain range. This revolutionary feature prevents you from misplacing your keys or other items in the first place.

Video Doorbell

Door viewer has been one of the oldest methods of peeking through the door when somebody knocks on it. However, it does require you to physically approach the door and see the person on the side. Video Doorbell is a straightforward device that allows you to see and speak to the person that comes to your home and rings the doorbell, even if you’re not home. This added layer of home security allows you to screen strangers coming over and discourages perpetrators to burgle your home thinking it’s not empty. This mini device is easy to install and is activated via motion detection whenever someone goes near it or presses on the doorbell. Since it is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi you can access the video through your smartphone and get a high-quality video of the person at your door. This device solves a lot of complaints on the cost and the hassle of installation since installation is an easy DIY, and you'll have full control of the device through your phone in addition to two-way audio to talk to your visitor.

There are still a lot of devices that warrant your attention in this modern age, and it can be difficult to identify which one is worth your time. However, depending on your lifestyle and needs it’ll be easy for you to determine which of the gadgets can deliver the most value for your buck.

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