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The Most Powerful Mac Ever: showcased in six amazing short CG clips

The Most Powerful Mac Ever: showcased in six amazing short CG clips

If you are one among those who still feels Apple lags behind other PC makers in regard to CG production and motion graphics performance, here’s something that will make you rethink what you know about Macs in 2018.

The Apple iMac Pro came as a huge surprise to Mac lovers, especially those who have taken the total absence of updates for the now obsolete 2013 Apple Mac Pro, as a sign that Apple’s focus is entirely on consumers, students, and the corporate sector.

While it may be true that Apple has taken its sweet time before giving high-performance computing much attention in recent years, creative professionals have always been a historical priority, considering that the first, and best lines of graphic workstations of the 90s, came almost exclusively from Apple and the now defunct Silicon Graphics.

That strong focus has now returned in style, with the introduction of an iMac on steroids, with the chops to put the original Mac Pro, and any prior Mac, to shame.

To promote this formidable tool for creative professionals, Apple has asked its very own target audience, professional digital artists, to come up with six short clips that showcase the power of the Apple iMac Pro, as it channels the visionary style of each artist through a variety of software tools, including Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya, Modo, V-Ray, Z-Brush and Houdini.

Creating visuals of such incredible quality, is a feat of both technical and artistic preparation, as well as intensive use of hardware resources, the latter of which Apple iMac Pro has plenty. Lest we forget that the iMac Pro is the only Apple Mac that support up to 128GB of memory, among many other hardware characteristics leveraging this machine against all of its competitors.

The complete lineup is available at: including a visionary motion graphics work by 8-times Emmy Award nominee Michelle Dougherty, who won two recent ones for her title work on the Netflix original series Stranger Things.

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