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Qualities to Look For in a Smartwatch

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Although we were skeptical when they were first invented, smartwatches have managed to take the wearables world by storm in the last couple of years. All the key players and aspiring inventors alike are now running a marathon to provide us with the best smartwatch features, which, in all honesty, makes choosing the best smartwatch a bit confusing for the uninitiated. However, you probably don’t need all of the features in the market, while some features are a must-have. So how do you make the right choice? If it’s your first time looking for a smartwatch, here are a few qualities to look for.


First of all, you want to get a smartwatch you can actually use. Almost all smartwatches pair with smartphones, so you need to choose one that’s compatible with your phone’s operating system. While some smartwatches are limited to specific operating systems, others can be connected with both Android and iOS. The operation system of the smartwatch will determine the apps you can install on the watch or have access to in general.

Battery Life

The short battery life had been one of the biggest shortcomings of smartwatches. Back in the day, you would’ve only gotten a few hours of operation before your smartwatch dies. Thankfully, smartwatch manufacturers have come a long way ever since then. Nowadays, you can get a quality smartwatch that lasts you for a couple of days on a single charge. There are other smartwatches out there that can last even longer, some can even go for a week on a single charge, but you’ll probably be limited to their lower-quality displays and fewer features.

Fitness and Health Tracking Features

One of the most popular reasons why people consider getting a smartwatch in the first place is to track their health and fitness journey. The editorial team from explains how convenient a smartwatch can be for this job, where it can give you a wide range of fitness and health tracking software features that help you achieve your goals while maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Using the smartwatch, you can monitor your resting and active heart rate, the steps you’ve taken during the day, your level of activity, and track different kinds of exercises. Some smartwatches go as far as help you count your calorie intake, giving you no excuse to cheat on your nutritional plan.

Entertainment Features

What’s a workout session without some energetic beats moving your body? Since music and working out always go hand in hand, you can expect the smartwatch to have various entertainment features as well. You can simply connect your Bluetooth headset to the smartwatch and play your favorite beats without any hassle. Moreover, you’ll be able to download your music player of choice with most smartwatches, so you won’t be restricted to a music library. In addition to music streaming services, you’ll also be able to use your smartwatch to listen to the radio, podcasts, and access fitness workouts from multiple channels.

Paying through NFC

If you want to take full advantage of the latest smartwatch advantages, you’ll be glad to know that many smartwatches come with NFC: the most convenient way to pay for your purchases without taking out your wallet. You’ll only need to save your card information, after which you can conveniently pay for your morning cup of coffee by holding your smartwatch up to an NFC reader.


Another practical benefit of using a smartwatch is that you’ll find communication much easier. As soon as you get a text or a notification on your phone, you’ll get a preview on your smartwatch alerting you to its existence. Many smartwatches also have call-answering capabilities, so you can answer the incoming call directly from the watch or the connected headset.

Size and Style

Since you’ll be wearing it for most of your day, the size and style of the watch will have a big impact on their favorability. You want to choose a smartwatch that’s comfortable to wear and fits your wrist size. You should also consider your style and how well the smartwatch goes with your outfits. If you’re the type who likes to change styles often, you may want to consider a smartwatch with interchangeable bands.

Waterproof Features

Speaking of wearing your watch all day long, you want a waterproof smartwatch that won’t be damaged if you forget to take it off during a shower. Looking for a smartwatch with waterproof features can be a great investment, especially if you’re an avid swimmer who wants to track your fitness progress underwater.

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When looking to choose a quality smartwatch, there are a few basics you need to take into account. For starters, the operating system compatibility and battery life are deal-breakers. Once you’ve narrowed down the list, you’ll want to explore the different features until you land on the one that matches both, your budget and preferences.

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