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New Microsoft Windows 10 build is coming

Microsoft Windows 10 preview buildIt’s been a while, since the last significant build update to Windows 10, and insiders are getting impatient. Early this week, Data & Fundamentals Team leader for the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, Gabe Aul, responded to the insider community with a detailed explanation on how it’s counter-intuitive to try to predict the release cycle of new Windows 10 preview builds.

While Aul makes a very valid point, it’s hard to blame insiders for wanting to see more, and if anything, it’s an indication of the response Microsoft is likely to expect by the time Windows 10 is ready for Prime Time.

No previous version of Microsoft Windows has ever been anticipated and followed with this much enthusiasm, and in the spirit of full disclosure, we had our “Is it here yet??” moments ourselves, as we check daily the Update & Recovery screen for any indication of an incoming build.

In a recent Tweet, Gabe Aul posted what sounds like music to our ears: “No new build today, but...”. Gabe cautioned insiders to switch their update settings to “Slow”, if they wish to wait for a more stable build, as the next fast ring build could contain a few stability bugs.

As we scrolled through the replies, Gabe has held his side of the conversation with a bit more information about the incoming build, including some new undisclosed features insiders will like.

So far, Windows 10, make it for a very stable environment, as we experienced in a thorough Windows 10 review running high-end apps, like Adobe CC, even prior to the latest builds released February 18th, KB3038930 and KB3040021.

As we mentioned in previous articles, Microsoft Windows 10 is expected to see an official release this summer, potentially in June, as manufacturers gear up to ensure new devices and products are able to ship pre-loaded with Windows 10, in a timely fashion, to US and global retailers.

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