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Microsoft Surface Book's latest update comes with Windows Hello and improved storage performance

Microsoft’s new flagship laptop has been officially available since this week. The device has reported record sales, and exhausted pre-orders from Microsoft’s own website within only a few days.

Microsoft Surface Book

As an additional bonus, consumers who have purchased the new advanced hybrid laptop/tablet, may want to check Windows Update, to ensure they receive the device’s first firmware, as it brings an array of hardware improvements, as well as enabling Windows Hello on the device.

According to the official log from Microsoft, the updates encompass four main areas, starting with Windows Hello.

The brand new set of drivers, currently v30.10154.6640.152, includes updates for the Surface Book’s Control Logic driver, the CSI2 Host Controller, the Imaging Signal Processor 2500, both front and rear cameras, as well as the front IR Camera, and of course, the Surface Camera Windows Hello Driver, with AVStream Camera 2500 driver.

While that’s certainly a mouthful, the above mentioned driver set will officially enable Surface Book owners to use the biometric hardware on the laptop to unlock it, and log into Windows 10.

The next set of drivers, include the Surface Display Calibration driver, which is described as improving display stability. This update will improve image quality as well as video performance.

The last two updates, v1.1.263.0 and v1.447.0, are set to improve storage performance, and bring a positive impact of transfer speeds, and reliability, when using either SSD or HDD.

The update is still being rolled out to Surface Book owners, in stages. Those who have not seen the update available yet, may want to check periodically for it, and may be distributed as part of a cumulative update cycle, along with previous improvements to Microsoft Windows 10.

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