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Microsoft October 26th event: Surface Book 2 a strong possibility, Microsoft Surface All-In-One Desktop is in the cards

Microsoft Surface Book 2 to be unveiled this week

Microsoft Surface Book is nearly overdue for an upgrade, and it seems that this week will be the time for Microsoft to show what it has learned since last year’s release of its first laptop, as a most innovative hybrid 2-in-1, designed to challenge the Apple MacBook Pro.

The original Surface Book was introduced as a laptop, with a decidedly bold “dynamic fulcrum hinge” design, capable of flipping the display 180 degrees, to allow the device to become a tablet, but the wow-factor of this device was the ability to detach the display entirely from the laptop’s base, and become an independent Surface tablet, powered by its own integrated GPU.

Some of the observations made in regard to Microsoft first inception in the world of laptop manufacturers, was about the dynamic fulcrum hinge, which features an odd round gap, holding the laptop at an angle when closed, instead of closing shut. While this is hardly an issue to complain about, rumors have it that Microsoft may be planning to redesign the Surface Book with an approach that allows the display and the base to become flush to each other in clamshell mode. Needless to say none of this has been confirmed by any reliable sources.

With that said, there is the strong possibility that the successor to the Surface Book, will also feature upgraded internals, such as a 2TB storage option, not to be outdone by Apple which, according to similar rumors, might introduce a similar upgrade to its own MacBook Pro, to be unveiled the day after Microsoft event.

Word has it that Microsoft is looking to release a Surface All-in-One desktop PC. The new device would allow the entire Surface product line to come full-circle, by introducing the one missing device left to challenge Apple’s dominance: the Apple iMac Retina.

If the rumors are true, Microsoft will have its work cut out of itself, considering the success of the iMac Retina as one of the few desktop systems surviving the slump in sales numbers that has long been affected desktop systems worldwide. With that in mind, rumors suggest that the new Windows 10 powered AIO will feature a modular design, as described in a patent filed by Microsoft, in which independent modules containing different internals can be swapped to custom-build the AIO according to specific requirements.

It’s still unclear, however, how Microsoft plans to build these modules, granted that it will, and how far does Microsoft intend to customize hardware components to fit its new desktop system.

If Microsoft indeed wants to take on the Apple iMac Retina, there is also the matter of building a display that can compete with the iMac Retina, which should ideally support similar resolutions, and similar, or better screen sizes.

At any rate, we shall learn more about all the new devices to be unveiled by Microsoft, this Wednesday, October 26th.

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