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Get Microsoft Windows 10 free if you own Win 7 or 8. One more reason to upgrade from Win XP if you haven’t.

Windows 10 Laptops on saleAccording to 2014 statistics conducted by Kaspersky Security Network, as much as 16.37 percent of users worldwide still run Windows XP.

While it’s difficult to determine how many of these users are relying on Windows XP at home or in the workplace, it’s important to understand why running such an obsolete operating system presents staggering security risks, other than the fact that many productivity apps and the World Wide Web itself, have long outgrown Windows XP.

In the wake of Microsoft’s big announcement on its Windows 10 event, users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 will get a chance to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. The new operating system represents a turning point for Redmond, and Windows users expecting a completely new, exciting experience and level of productivity, from their devices.

Board the Windows 10 lifeboat

Running any kind of mission-critical applications, such as payroll systems, warehouse management software and other business apps on Windows XP, means putting clients and customers data at risk, every day.

Upgrading to Windows 8 is the logical step, for those who have not yet moved on from Windows XP, for a number of reasons, not only related to security, which is a major reason in itself.

From what we have seen, Windows 10 will offer a very familiar experience to those still used to Windows 7, but there are elements of the Windows 10 interface that will be easier understood and get accustomed to from a more recent entry point, like Windows 8, in which the Metro interface is introduced, as well as many of the responsive elements that are part of Windows 10, making the transition a much more enjoyable and productive experience.

Windows 10 Laptops better than Windows 8

We could see this as one of the reasons for Microsoft to offer such an impressive deal to Windows 7 and 8 users wishing to upgrade to Windows 10. It’s all about keeping users safe and get something back in return for decades of user loyalty.

Loyalty is very much the underlying concept for the new Windows operating system under Satya Nadella. Windows as a service creates a unique situation in which users are in charge of the kind of experience they want out of their devices.

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