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Here is how to run Windows XP on an iPhone 7 or iPad. The Why is up to you.

Here is how to run Windows XP on an iPhone 7 or iPad. The Why is up to you.

We come a long way from the first PC running Windows XP. Today’s processors speeds have dwarfed those of CPU’s back in the days, and we now talk about RAM upgrades in terms of tens of Gigabytes, instead of Megabytes.

We come such a long way, in fact, that ancient operating systems like Microsoft Windows XP can now run on mobile devices like the Apple iPhone 7, a pocket-size machine, many times more powerful than most mid-to-late--90’s Windows PCs.

The iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion chip, is one of the fastest available, second only to the A10X Fusion powering the Apple iPad Pro.

It goes without saying that you can’t just replace iOS with Windows XP, however, it is possible to install desktop operating systems on an iPhone 7 running iOS 10, via an emulator app like iBox, which can be sideloaded via Xcode.

For those with the technical skills and patience, the app can be downloaded on GitHub:

It’s worth noting that iBox,as most emulators, is pretty heavy on resources, and you can’t reasonably expect a smooth experience using Windows XP, or any other desktop operating system, on an iPhone, even if, as mentioned earlier, the iPHone is many times more powerful than most early Windows XP PC’s.

Setting up Windows XP is also not that simple, considering that everything needs to be done via touch screen, which may not be as responsive, or intuitive, as a keyboard and a mouse.

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