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Having Trouble Hearing Your Phone? Here’s What You Can Do!Apple Airpod Pro

Cellphone transmissions are not perfect that sometimes causes misunderstanding because of missing words. For people with normal hearing, they can fill in the gap easily without too much effort. However, for an individual with mild hearing loss, a minimal defect in the sound quality impacts comprehension. It is difficult for them to receive calls in places with lots of background noises. There is also a challenge to hear ringtones and sound notifications. Turning up the volume will not suffice. But because of technological advancements nowadays, there’s always a solution to almost every problem. Technology can do miracles for millions of people who have hearing loss. This article will give you tips and how to handle the troubles of not hearing your phone.

Use of Cellphone Amplifiers

The phone audio can be boosted by turning on the speaker function, but sometimes it compromises the sound quality. There are devices designed for a person who is hearing impaired. However, if purchasing a new phone is not an option, accessories are made available in the market. The experts from developed phone amplifiers that are great alternatives to hearing impaired telephones. Most people who use the device have mild hearing loss but don’t use hearing aids yet. If you are often traveling, portable amplifiers are using a Bluetooth connection. The device is designed for people who love to be connected with family anywhere they go.

Hearing Aids With Telephone Features

Many hearing aids provide an automated mechanism to connect to telephone calls using either acoustic or magnetic reception, thanks to technological advances today. The feature is called a telecoil, a small coil of wire that converts electromagnetic energy from the phone into an audio signal straight into the wearer’s ears. The person will simply hold the phone a bit higher than the normal and ensure it’s close to the hearing aids. The telecoil settings can also send telephone sound to both ears. However, before buying the device, make sure to ask if there’s a telecoil setting, and how to turn it on.

Use of Video Chats

Another alternative to greatly improve speech comprehension is to use video chat platforms. Technology indeed is essential to make our lives much better. Seeing each other’s faces is a huge factor for a person who has a hearing impairment. The hearing impaired can read the lips, gestures, and reactions of the other person. Having visual support is a huge advantage. It’s also essential not to pretend that you heard every word. Make sure to find a quiet space as background noise can interfere with your ability to follow the conversation. Another tip is to use your headset. For people with iPhone and iPad, they can use FaceTime. Some popular platforms are Skype, Zoom, Messenger, and a lot more.

Applications for Hearing-Impaired People

If purchasing a device or accessories are not your best way to go, you can download applications that are designed for hearing-impaired persons. Smartphones are excellent tools in helping people with hearing loss to live well. Applications such as AVA, Roger Voice, Sound Amplifier, and Subtitle Viewer. These software applications are available in both iOS and Android. You can also take advantage of Siri and Google to assist to navigate your phone.

Tips For Talking To Someone With Hearing Problems

Hearing problems are common for elderly people. They may become depressed due to frustrations and embarrassment as they can’t understand what you said. In some cases, they are mistakenly unresponsive and uncooperative because they can’t hear well. If you have a family member who is experiencing hearing loss, it’s essential to know some tips on how to have a phone conversation with them. Be sensitive enough and find a quiet place to make a call, speak directly into the mouthpiece, and speak at a moderate speed.

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Don’t shout but instead find the right volume and speak each word clearly as possible. People with hearing problems tend to withdraw from others because of difficulty following a conversation. Don’t let this happen to your family member or a friend. They might have the technology to live easier, but it’s best if people around them would consider some adjustment.

The tips and devices mentioned in this writing would still vary on the degree of the hearing problem. It’s best to visit a hearing care professional for a proper diagnosis. Your condition may range from mild to severe hearing loss. As for severe hearing loss, the chances of using hearing aids regularly for you to understand the sound and speech could be the best option.

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