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Found a brand new Surface Pro 4 under the tree? Get these three must-have apps to get you through the Holidays

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has put considerable resources into building its line of Pro tablets as machines capable of handling productivity and downtime, with appropriate specs and features.

These 2-in-1 Windows 10 PCs may look like Microsoft’s answer to the Apple iPad, and that may have been true in 2012 with the Surface 2. Now the Surface Pro, which has completely replaced and buried its non-Pro predecessor, is a completely different animal geared towards versatility and power. For those who need a creative tool, Surface Pro 4 offers a great drawing, sketching and writing experience, with the included stylus, Surface Pen. The stylus support different tips, to provide a different feel, depending on the type of application in use. For instance, when using a pencil in applications like Sketchbook Pro, the tip of the Surface Pen can be replaced with one offering a certain roughness typical of graphite pencils.

When it comes to productivity, the Surface Pro 4 goes well beyond being just a creative tool, with more than enough processing power to run productivity suites like MS Office, which is also reinvented to support a wide range of stylus and touchscreen features.

Needless to say, Surface Pro 4 has a fun side too, and is powerful enough to run games at an impressive quality for an ultraportable.

If you found a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 under the tree, this Christmas, there are four apps you may want to try out on your brand new Windows 10 tablet:


A must-have for serious gamers, Steam is a platform for both gamers and game publishers, with a massive marketplace, one of the biggest online. The biggest triple-A games, like Watch Dogs 2, No Man’s Sky, and Mirror’s Edge, can be downloaded and installed using the Steam desktop app, and require zero setup, once a Steam account is created and used to log into the app.


If the default Twitter client is too restrictive for you, Tweeten is the closest approximation to the desktop version of Tweetdeck, which was once one of the best Twitter clients available for Windows, until it moved to the Chrome Web Store, where it is now confined to be an integral part of the Chrome browser experience.

Tweeten supports multiple Twitter accounts, and can display feeds from all signed in accounts simultaneously and offers a clean, organized and easy interface, easy to setup, configure and customize..


This Lego-inspired online game first appeared as a browser plugin for Google Chrome, to later become a proper desktop application, which subsequently turned into a Windows 10 universal app available in the Windows Store.

The gameplay centers on a construction set universe, in which elements of Lego-like bricks, and Minecraft-style navigation, are fused together, in a colorful, collaborative, multiplayer environment. Roblox has been around for a few years, and offers the ability to create custom worlds where users can design all sorts of virtual playgrounds, for hours of fun for all ages. On a Surface Pro 4, and most other touchscreen PC’s, Roblox is extremely fun and responsive to play with.


For those who love Reddit, ReadIt is one of the best clients available. ReadIt’s interface can be customized to use a light, or dark theme, just like Tweeten, however it does not support multiple accounts. The user interface is simple, and allows to digest content quickly and efficiently with a powerful search function.

On a Surface Pro 4 in tablet mode, ReadIt’s interface is still unmatched compared to other Reddit clients, for usability and performance.

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