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Blazing fast LTE connectivity around the world with Microsoft Surface Go LTE/ 4G

Surface Go packs the performance and compact versatility you need for everyday productivity into the lightest Surface ever. Now you can stay productive anywhere, anytime without worrying about the security of a public Wi-Fi connection. Connect your field teams to each other and the rest of the company with LTE Advanced.

Microsoft Surface Go LTE Cellular 4G KFY-00001 - 10" - Pentium Gold, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSDBest Features:

  • Minimize security risks: Always stay connected to your business and customers avoid data security risks of connecting to unsecured networks.
  • Foster dependable manageability: Enable constant manageability and reduce update failures through Autopilot on an always-connected device.
  • Instill a culture of connectivity: Prepare your corporate culture for the growing trend of dedicated LTE networks and a new normal of perpetual connectivity.
  • Decrease dependence on guest Wi-Fi: Save time at customer sites by not depending on guest Wi-Fi networks and connectivity challenges.

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