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BlackPhone, the future of secure mobile communication

In the midst of a most controversial decade, in which personal information is a critical issue that affects every aspect of our lives, Spanish company GeekPhone has released a unique smartphone device, designed to address at least some of the concerns related to the vulnerability of personal information, which the current consumer market has been unable, or unwilling, to address.

Software features

BlackPhone, developed by GeekPhone, in partnership with U.S. security company Silent Circle, runs a custom version of Android, known as PrivatOS, and based on Android KitKat 4.4.

BlackPhone is designed to encrypt video, voice and text communication, comes with anonymous browsing and VPN support provided by Disconnect and provides secure cloud storage through SpiderOak, offering 250% higher security with zero-knowledge cloud storage.

The vendor-independent device can be used by business users, as well as regular users, to communicate through video, text and audio, as well as transfer files, in total privacy, behind PrivatOS encryption layer.

BlackPhone’s “Friends and Family” subscription offers secure communication to up to three non-BlackPhone devices. the devices can be any brand, make and OS.

One of the most desirable features, is BlackPhone’s ability to detect WiFi providers tracking of mobile devices, and turn off WiFi automatically upon detecting these types of potential privacy violation.

Out of the box, BlackPhone is already unlocked, and ships with the full range of Silent Circle apps, such as Silent Phone, Silent Contacts and Silent Text, free to use for two years.


BlackPhone is powered by the nVidia Tegra 4i, a choice that further establishes nVidia as a hardware manufacturer capable of providing the solid platform a security-centric device like BlackPhone needs.

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