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Apple could turn your iPhone into a smoke detector

According to Apple’s latest filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, the iPhone maker could apply the working principles described in its new patent, titled “Wireless Device Networks with Smoke Detection Capabilities”, into future iPhone devices, as well as other products, including future HomeKit devices.

Apple patents smoke detector sensor for iPhone

The illustrations included with the patent, describes a smoke detector sensor, which could be built into the logic board of iPhone, iPad and Mac products, paving the way for HomeKit as something more than remote locks and thermostats. This invention could eventually save lives.

The integration of a smoke detector in an iPhone, for instance, could provide information on the exact location of a person inside a building on fire, which can be used by first responders like law enforcement and fire department.

Other uses may include an alert system triggered upon detection of certain chemicals in the air, ranging from smoke, to toxic particles. This system, working in conjunction with the iPhone’s own native capabilities could automatically assess the type of emergency, and dial the appropriate first responder, while emitting a sound loud enough for any building occupant to hear and be woken up, should they be asleep.

Such system could also communicate with a connected sprinkler system, and automatically unlock doors and windows, and even shut off utilities, to minimize the potential for electrical and water hazards.

While with Apple TV as a HomeKit central hub, it’s entirely possible that future versions of the streaming set top box could receive such upgrade, the fact that Apple patented this invention, does not necessarily equate to the deployment of applications, anytime soon.

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