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Apple Watch sports 5 new apps for business

Business CRM development firm, and wearable tech advocate, SalesForce, has recently unveiled five apps, designed for Apple Watch business users, and developed using the SalesForce Wear development kit. The five new apps cover a full array of use cases, such as collaboration, project management, and scheduling.

Apple Watch apps for business


With this app, Apple Watch business users can keep their finger on the pulse of customer data, quite literally, with direct connection to SalesForce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, which allows customer representatives to have a better understanding of their clients, and leverage service quality.


Project manager are likely to appreciate an easier way to keep tabs on projects milestones and goals. The app uses glances, to provide up-to-the-minute feedback on the status of a project. Voice dictation is also used to provide a way to create entries and updates, and upload them automatically for instance synchronization.


This app is designed for workers who are often on the go, and spend a very limited amount of time in the office, such as contractors, consultants, salespeople, and more. The app provides easy access to task scheduling, service requests.


Call prioritization is a big deal in business, when time is money. ContactWorld is an app that allows to retrieve caller ID information from SalesForce’s cloud databases, to help determine the importance of the call.


Managing retail employees involves ensuring that all representatives have an up-to-the-minute understanding of their individual tasks within their organization, and updated information on products and goals, whether they work individually, or as part of a team.

Joining a rapidly crowded landscape

This is merely a first batch, as the company is preparing to unveil 15 more apps for the Apple Watch. Some of SalesForce partners include Alpine Metrics, Apttus, BrainHearts, FairSail, FinancialForce and Sage, to name a few. Sage, in particular, the maker of the popular QuickBooks software, is one company with a lot to invest in wearable tech for business, considering its ongoing investments in cloud applications.

An important factor to consider is IBM’s strengthening relationship with Apple, in the development of business apps. The company has current stakes in a growing number of business applications designed for iOS, and there could be a chance that IBM could soon extend its focus on wearable technology, such as the Apple Watch.

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