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Apple TV remote will feature childproofing using biometric sensors.

According to a new patent, Apple is looking to build into the Apple TV remote a biometric sensor that allows users to log into Apple TV.

On Thursday, July 23rd, Apple filed patent 20150205623, titled “Device Configuration for Multiple Users Using Remote User Biometrics”.

Apple TV remote

As mentioned earlier, by using biometrics sensors, Apple TV users will be able to customize their experience, by logging into the device with their own personalized profile, or Apple ID, but the most important feature that could make it into Apple TV is that biometric sensors could allow younger users, like children, to be recognised by the system, in such a way that inappropriate content would be rendered inaccessible.

While the patent describes remote controls, it could also apply to a wider range of devices where Touch-ID is implemented, like the iPhone, which can be used to control Apple TV also.

Parental restrictions are currently built into Apple TV and other Apple products, but they must be switched on or off, using a passcode.

By implementing biometric recognition, Apple TV will be able to automatically detect younger users operating an Apple TV remote or iPhone, and block unsuitable content.

The chances that this patent will eventually make it into Apple TV, or other Apple products, are stronger than other patents of more vague case uses, especially with rumors thickening about the possibility that Apple could be working on its own TV service, possibly built into Apple TV.

A brand new remote for Apple TV seems to be already in the works, as rumors of the refreshed device to feature a built-in touchpad.

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