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Apple Pencil soon to be freed from shackles of Apple iPad Pro, but here is one more thing...

Apple co-founder was once quoted as saying that a stylus had no place on tablets, or smartphones, and for a time we thought that such mindset was out of touch and disconnected from what was to come. Most recently, Techtastic, a tech website based in the Netherlands, has found a patent that may not only put into question our perception of Steve Jobs’ words on stylus pens, but everything we know about the stylus in general, as a tool that goes well beyond doodling on a digital screen.

Patent US20180018057), discovered at Patentscope’s World Intellectual Property Organization, offers some interesting clues on Apple’s future plans for the Apple Pencil, right in the title: CONTENT CREATION USING ELECTRONIC INPUT DEVICE ON NON-ELECTRONIC SURFACES.

According to the drawings included in the patent, what Apple means by “non-electronic surfaces”, is that Apple Pencil may evolve not only beyond being bound to the iPad Pro, it may very well become so ubiquitous a device, that it could be used anywhere, with anything, quite literally.

Some of the illustrations even hint at a possible use where Apple Pencil may work with an Apple Mac’s iSight camera, or other mechanism capable of triangulating the physical position of the Apple Pencil, and allow the user to draw objects in three dimensions.

This type of application would be invaluable to designers and engineers, as a means to replace expensive 3D scanning technologies, such as old-fashioned CAD digitizers.

Other uses include more traditional applications, such as text/calligraphy recognition, and of course, complete and total support of all Apple devices, including Apple iPhone.

As always, the discovery of a patent, even one as revolutionary as this one, is almost never a guarantee that Apple, or any other company, will follow through with an actual product, but considering the renowned focus of Apple into high-performance Macs for professionals, and VR/AR, there just might be a sheer chance that Apple may be working of a truly unique new Apple Pencil which incorporates at least some of the features described in this newly discovered patenty.

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