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Apple Campus multibillion dollar green high-tech wonderland to be completed in 2016

The construction grounds of Apple’s new “spaceship” headquarters are finally offering tangible evidence of the rumored ring-shaped design. The massive, 175 acres, futuristic building is planned to be the greenest campus in existence.

Recently surfaced planning permits reveal details on the size, capacity and functionality of the structure, including a 74 million dollar, 100,000 sq. ft. fitness center, and a 161 million dollar, 120,000 sq. ft. auditorium, the latter to be used to host events and unveil future Apple products.

The initial budget has already been surpassed, reaching 5 Billion dollars, pushing the estimated completion of the complex to 2016.

Although access to the the construction grounds have been off limits, images and video has been taken by fans using GoPro cameras attached to remote aerial drones, showing a rather advanced stage of construction, which is getting close to the original room-sized mockup revealed in November last year.

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More green, less pavement

Plans reveal that no motor vehicles will be allowed anywhere near the building, but rather “buried” underneath, in underground parking lots surrounding the structure, whose foundation is already visible in the latest images. There will also be room for 1000 bicycles, according to chief architect Sir Norman Foster.

The entire building will be powered internally, using natural gas. While the city’s power grid will still be available, it will be used only in emergency situations.

Air conditioning will also be handled using natural ventilation, and low-energy LED lighting will be used, wherever natural light doesn’t reach. Solar panels will also be implemented in great number all around the structure.

80% of the property above the ground will be covered with shrubbery and as many as 7000 trees, hiding the massive underground parking underneath.

The best workplace on Earth

By 2016, Apple Campus will open its doors to 13,000 Apple employees, with outstanding fringe benefits, such as jogging and cycling trails, 1000 bicycles, permanently on-site for employees use to get around the structure.

Among the most impressive perks for Apple employees: a 300,000 sq. ft. of research and development space, a 1000 seats auditorium and a 100,000 sq. ft. gym.

A new, permanent home for Keynote events

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook will be hosting future keynote events ahead of product launches in a 120,000 sq. ft. auditorium, most likely situated underground, at the center of the building. The auditorium will be covered by a 360 degrees circular pavilion made of glass, which will serve as an access point for employees and guests.

The new setting will certainly contribute to the appeal of future events, casting an enticing and mysterious aura onto future announcements and keynote presentations, as well as providing the company more control over unexpected technical issues that have plagued keynote announcements in previous years.

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