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A glimpse into the future of home automation in former Howard Hughes home.

Apple HomeKit, Howard hughes Smart Home

One of the most amazing properties in Beverly Hills, Howard Hughes’ former home, located at 535 Haynes Avenue, and currently on the market for 11.5 million dollars, is the perfect example of where home automation is heading.

The property’s internal network allows occupants to control every appliance, door and shade, remotely, via an iPad or any connected Apple device, although it's unclear what home automation system it's being used on premises.

While a growing number of systems are capable of providing the level of automation required by this type of estate, Crestron does fit the profile, as a sophisticated home automation system that allows homeowners to use their iPad or iPhone to remotely engage and disengage locks, open garage doors, windows and control climate in each individual room.

Apple HomeKit is likely to be announced later this year, and it will enable developers to create connected apps capable of completely automate a home in a very similar way to Howard Hughes' luxurious former property.

By the same token, Apple competitors Google and Microsoft are gearing up to provide their own options out of the box, with AllJoin, an open source home automation project initially started by Qualcomm, and currently supported by a long list of home appliance manufacturers.

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