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6 Ways to Keep Your Computer Healthy

A critical thing to consider when owning a personal computer whether new or used is the ongoing health of your machine. Naturally, over time you will want to install new programs as well as remove items that you no longer need. This is in addition to creating documents and recycling them in the recycling bin.

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The Keys to a Healthy Computer


There is an abundance of places on your machine that you can save files to and this can lead to a considerable amount of clutter over time. This constant writing to and from the hard disc drive will lead to fragmentation and a slowing down of your computer so that it is no longer working to its optimum. This can ultimately lead to a lack of productivity and frustration. So declutter and get rid of anything you no longer need or use on your computer.


A key piece of maintenance to carry out on a regular basis is the use of a disc defragmenter. There is often a program installed on your pc as standard that will carry out this function. Often the disc defragmenter program will be found in system tools and it will quite often feature a handy scheduling assistant. The scheduling assistant can be set to carry this out at a certain time and date. A good idea is to do this overnight on a monthly basis.

Fragmentation happens when files are scattered across the hard disc where they become fragmented. This affects the access time, and, by carrying out defragmentation the files are moved so that they are in the same location and therefore quicker to access. Defragmentation can considerably speed up your pc, particularly if you have a used pc that you have never defragmented before.

PC Specialist

Booking your computer in for regular servicing, maintaining, and cleaning with a computer specialist is probably the easiest and quickest way to ensure your computer remains healthy both now and in the future. You can quickly find IT support in NYC which will ensure you have your computer back and running efficiently in no time at all. Keeping your computer healthy is a lot easier if you have someone on board to do it for you.

Hard Disc Space

Another factor in keeping your pc running at its best is the amount of free hard disc space you have available. As more and more programs are installed this space is used up and will slow down your pc. It is worth taking a look at the programs that are installed on your computer and which ones you no longer use. Sometimes you may have several word processor packages that all do the same job but you only use one.

On other occasions, new updates are installed and older versions are left on your computer taking up valuable space. Sometimes programs will start up when you boot your computer affecting the speed that you can get to work. Obviously, if some of these programs are no longer used it is best to remove them. On a Windows PC, there is a function in add/remove programs to help easily facilitate the removal of unwanted installed programs.

PC Cleaning Tool

A PC cleaning tool is of use as often programs will write to the registry document of a computer again affecting start-up time if these references are not removed correctly or only partially. Vulnerabilities in outdated operating systems can allow these threats to take hold and this will slow your pc. If you are running an older operating system you should install the latest updates which often include security and bug fixes. These may be as large updates such as service packs or smaller updates.

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Antivirus Software

Another major consideration to the ongoing health of your computer is the threat of viruses and spyware. It is imperative to not only ensure the health of your pc but also the integrity of your files and sensitive personal information. Once you have ensured that your operating system is up to date then you should invest in reliable antivirus software that will serve two purposes. It will first scan and check for viruses and quarantine any on your system.

Secondly, it will offer ongoing protection against any new threats that may try to infiltrate your computer from the internet or on different media that is inserted into your computer. Antivirus software often has a built-in firewall in addition that will offer extra protection to bolster that of which is often included as standard with an operating system. By scheduling regular virus scans using a scheduling assistant you will be left with a piece of mind regarding the security and health of your computer.

There are several ways to ensure the health of your pc. No single way will guarantee ongoing health and safety but by carrying out the above steps you will ensure that you are being proactive in doing the best for your machine and its longevity.

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