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5 reasons why buying a new laptop with a SSD or flash drive is worth every penny

When the time comes to buy a new laptop, there isn’t a whole lot of reasons against looking for one that offers SSD or flash storage, especially as laptops are closing in to match desktop performance, powered by the latest Intel Skylake CPUs, and hardware accelerated GPUs, capable of 3D gaming, as well as professional applications.

SSD versus HDD

Instant performance boost

The first noticeable difference between a laptop with HDD storage and one with SSD or flash storage is a dramatic decrease in boot times. Flash and SSD store data in chips, instead of spinning disks, which reduces the amount of moving parts inside the drive, and provides a faster way for the operating system to access data.

Faster access to data, means no bottleneck when it comes to loading programs faster, as well as retrieving files more quickly using search.

No need for more RAM

A computer is only as fast as its slowest component. In laptops, HDD storage is a primary bottleneck when it comes to performance, as slower HDDs can’t match the speed and reliability of flash or SSD storage. By choosing SSD or flash, rather than HDD, the operating system will be able to create more reliable, and faster virtual memory for applications. This also means that a laptop featuring SSD storage, will enable applications to handle bigger files, as well as a larger number of files simultaneously.

Easy maintenance

Few things are more annoying that having to defragment and optimize an HDD as it gets slower and more cluttered. SSD and flash storage do not require defragmentation, or optimization, as they are based on chip-based technology, and access to data is direct, and requires no spinning disks, or other hindrances.

A cooler laptop

Quite literally, SSD and flash storage keep laptops running cooler, because there is no moving parts, and the data is accessed only when needed.This reduces the additional heat generated by an HDD, dramatically. This is why SSD and flash storage are ideal methods to store data in laptops with fanless design, such as the 2015 12 inch MacBook Retina.

Longer lifespan

Laptops using SSD or flash enjoy a longer lifespan, due to the fact that there is no such thing as the regular wear and tear that occurs on older spinning drives.

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