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3DMark reveals upcoming ASUS ROG laptop faster than a speeding desktop

ASUS ROG gaming laptops are about as powerful as it gets, for those willing to invest in a portable computer with specs that rival most Windows 10 desktop computers.

ASUS ROG laptop benchmark with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

In the wake of NVIDIA’s unveiling of its latest, most powerful Geforce GTX 1080 graphic card, it was only a matter of time before any number of high-end laptop manufacturers would come up with a way to squeeze that much GPU power into a portable form factor.

Most recently, ASUS has released a screenshot from benchmark application 3DMark, showing off what has been labeled as “Latest ROG NB”, scoring an impressive 20,811, which blows out of the water three other laptops powered by the top three GPUs on the market: the GTX 980Ti, the Radeon R9 295X2 and the GTX Titan X.

Mind you, the laptop in question is no “ultraportable” by any stretch of the imagination. This 24 inch behemoth is about as big as a laptop can reasonably get, and then some. While there is no word on other specs such as CPU, memory, storage or mainboard, this desktop replacement benchmark performance have been recorded without overclocking of any kind, and without any custom cooling mechanism, as far as we know, which is not hard to believe. The GTX 1080, after all, has been reviewed and tested as the most powerful GPU on the market, and one that is capable of running 3D games with uncapped refresh rate, at 4K resolution.

It won’t be long before major manufacturers of high-end laptops decide to release their own GTX 1080-powered updates to their lines, like the MSI G and Workstation Series. These machines are desktop replacements by definition, which is why a GPU like the GTX 1080 makes perfect sense. Even better, NVIDIA’s pricing for this GPU is expected to stay competitive, as the desktop version of the new GPU is around $600, which is a massive bargain for such an amazing performance boost.

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