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12 inch Apple Macbook to get a massive update: but you need to wait until 2019

12 inch Apple Macbook to get a massive update: but you need to wait until 2019

The 12 inch Macbook was unveiled in 2016, as the ultimate mid-range portable Mac computer. Customers who were looking for an in-between size Macbook, more lightweight than a Macbook Air, and with far higher specs, got exactly what they were looking for.

It goes without saying that the new Macbook didn’t fly under the radar of controversy, for some, starting from the elimination of every standard port, including USB, in favor of a single USB-C port to act as a funnel for all peripherals.

While some of the engineering and design decision Apple has made, may have not gone down well with some of the pickiest users, the laptop’s battery life, light weight, and specs have been central to the new Macbook’s success and appeal, while always keeping in mind that the 12 inch Macbook was never designed to replace the Macbook Air.

However, this might change in 2019, when Apple is rumored to announce a massive update of the 12 inch Macbook, in an array of iterations that could, at least in theory, lay the Macbook Air to rest for good.

According to The Motley Fool’s Ashraf Eassa, Apple’s updated Macbook may be powered by Intel’s upcoming Ice Lake CPU, in a four-core iteration, GT2 graphic chipset, and LPDDR4 3733Mhz memory.

Much like Skylake and Kaby Lake, Intel’s upcoming chip codenamed Ice Lake, contains instructions for handling advanced graphics and media, and substantial improvements in speed, and efficiency. But why wait till 2019?

The answer to that is simple, just by looking at the architecture of Intel Ice Lake. By comparison, Ice Lake is likely to offer performance comparable to the current 2-core high-end 13 inch Macbook Pro. This also means that Apple may want to wait a while before releasing something as powerful as an Ice Lake-powered Macbook, to avoid cannibalizing current offerings.

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