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Wearable tech coming to motorcyclists in 2014

A lot that can be said in favor and against novelty items like Google Glass.

The important thing to remember is to remain objective about the core principle of wearable technology: possibilities.

This Russian prototype may very well be the first iconic example of how wearable tech begins to make sense to the common folks.

Introducing the LiveMap motorcycle helmet: 

a voice-controlled Head Mounted Display designed to deliver detailed GPS information directly into the motorcyclist’s field of view, in a similar way as Google Glass does.

Clear indication of the impending success of this project comes from the creators themselves:

“Important notes. We will deliver the products also if we don't reach the target - We've found investors”

So there you have it, and the specs are impressive:

  • Augmented reality navigation displayed clearly visible and always in focus, projected on the visor (similarly to a fighter pilot helmet)
  • Powered by two 3000 mAh batteries
  • Completely voice-controlled
  • Built-in earpieces
  • light sensor adjusts image brightness automatically
  • G-sensor, gyroscope, digital compass for head movement tracking
  • Proprietary Android-based interface.

At highway speeds the interface is indeed minimalist, and provides basic information like speed, directions and distance. At slower cruising speeds, or when the vehicle is stopped, the interface is designed to display a more active view, with a local map, a list of the nearby locations, and other information. 

The LiveMap may very well be the first device of its kind available to civilians, even without the ability to deploy missiles, or transform your bike into a jet-ski using voice commands (robot-bike most likely not available for purchase, unless Google has a say in it).

“We, like Paul Graham, believe that the time of hardware startups is coming and they can begin a new era by crowd funding, i.e. fundraising and pre-selling.”
( ~ Andrew Artishchev, campaign founder).

And just like Andrew Artishchev, we at Portable One believe this is only the beginning of a new era of amazing possibilities.