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Apple iTunes hits the Microsoft Store with a Windows 10 App

Apple iTunes hits the Microsoft Store with a Windows 10 App

If you own an Apple iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device and want to manage it on a Windows 10 PC, good news!

Microsoft has recently made iTunes available as a Microsoft Store app.

The new app, can be downloaded here: and seems to work in the same exact way as its desktop version. Apple devices can connect and be synced, as well as playlists and downloads.

The arrival of Apple iTunes to the Microsoft Store was announced a year ago, by Microsoft, with not even a tentative release date, amid speculations. A theory on the delay, could be fairly easy to guess, as it must have taken a considerable effort from both these historic rivals to agree on the terms the new app would come to light.

It’s worth noting that because the app comes from Microsoft, the Microsoft Store will be the source of all future updates, which, for Windows 10 users, will be a process entirely in the hands of Microsoft, and reliant on Apple’s specifications.

Microsoft and Apple have become quite the “frenemies” in recent years, especially in the wake of the release of the iPad Pro, when Microsoft showcased for the first time the new MS Office suite, designed for iOS, and with heavy integration of the Apple Pencil.

This openness towards other platforms, including rivals, has come to consumers attention far earlier, however, when Microsoft announced the integration of a fully functional Ubuntu Linux shell, built right into Windows 10.

With that said, one app that Windows 10 users have long lost hope for, is the Apple Safari browser, which was last seen on Windows in 2012, when Apple quietly removed the download link for all Windows versions of its browser.

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