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Simple Steps to Easily Convert PDF Files to Excel Format

When processing different types of data on a computer, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the commonly used file formats for various electronic documents. In one way or the other, you will come across PDF files daily at work, and they usually contain vital information about your operations. However, it can be challenging to analyze numerical data in PDF format using applications like Excel that are designed for that specific purpose. The good news is that you can convert a PDF file to an Excel worksheet so that you can process different types of information the way you want. Read on for simple steps that you can consider to easily convert PDF files to Excel format.

Significance Of PDF Files

The primary advantage of the PDF file format is that it is compact as the files are compressed to avoid taking up a lot of space. The format also presents a neat file structure that is easy to store and share on different devices regardless of the hardware, software, or operating system that is utilized to open the file later. A PDF document is made to retain its formatting, so it may not be easily modified when you do not have the right tools to perform the task. Additionally, converting a PDF file to an Excel worksheet is difficult.

To convert the file, you need basic knowledge of both PDF and Excel. All the same, you can use a PDF converter on your mobile device or browser on your laptop to convert different PDF files into editable spreadsheets. The tool is accessible from wherever you are as long as you are online, and no worries about formatting cells or inputting data which is time-consuming.

Choose The Right Online Tool

When you want to convert your PDF file into an Excel worksheet, the first thing that you should do is to choose the right online converter tool. Expert programmers at explain that with an appropriate online tool, you can easily turn your PDF files into editable Excel files with everything you need placed into rows, columns, and formulas. While there are different online PDF converter tools, you must note that some are more advanced than others, and you can access them from your mobile device or any browser.

With the right instrument, the PDF file automatically converts to Excel format, and it will retain all your columns and layout in the new format. No need for reformatting like you do when you enter the data manually from the PDF file. This method of using an online file converter is not only efficient but it is also accurate. Your data will be safe during the entire conversion process.

Steps To Convert PDF Files To Excel Format

The conversion process of PDF files is simple and includes a few steps. This is possible when you are using your preferred online PDF converter tool. The following are the simple steps that you should follow.

Open The PDF File To Convert

Locate the PDF file from the destination where it is saved in acrobat format. Double click on the file to open it, then follow the prompts that appear. This is probably the easiest step but make sure you are on the right file.

Use the Export PDF Tool

From the tools pane, click export followed by selecting the data you want to convert. In some cases, you may not want to edit the entire PDF, so choose the exact data you intend to convert. You can do this by highlighting the desired section and the converter tool will use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to process the Excel conversion. When you send the file, choose “spreadsheet” as your format. Your next step is to select the "Microsoft Excel Workbook" and click export. Acrobat runs the text automatically and the export dialogue box appears indicating different locations where you can save the file.

Save The Exported File

To save the converted file, choose the right folder and name the new document. When you click the save button, the task is complete and you can go on to open your newly created Excel file. Your document will appear in Microsoft Excel format. As you are now aware, the online converter tool is smart and it maintains a high-level accuracy in retaining all the information just like in the original PDF file.

Unlike in PDF format, you can edit figures, text, and other data using Microsoft Excel. If you want, you can reconvert the edited version to PDF for safekeeping and easier sharing on different devices. You must know that some mobile devices are not compatible with specific excel spreadsheets unless they have special applications to read the document.

Edit Scans

It is possible to scan a printout to PDF and then convert it to Excel format. Using your preferred tool, the procedure is just the same, and no worries about inputting data manually in the excel sheet cells. The PDF converter consists of optical character recognition that helps it to extract data automatically and format it into editable text. No data is lost, even when you are using a scanned document, so you can relax as the tool handles the task for you.

PDF files are commonly used in different workplace settings since they are compact and secure. There is no fear of losing your critical data as long as the file is stored safely. The only challenge is that PDF files cannot be modified, and this makes it difficult to analyze data using Office applications like Excel. You can address this challenge by converting a PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet so that you can work on the data as you wish. With the right converter tool, you will realize that there are just a few steps that you can follow to convert PDF files to an excel format. It’s a matter of choice to convert the new excel spreadsheet again to a PDF file if you want to store it safely or access it on different devices. Some excel worksheets are not compatible with the browsers and operating systems on mobile devices.

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