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Back in June, Apple unveiled the newest addition to its long-neglected Mac Pro desktop line, which caters to professional users, particularly those in the creative industry. The Mac Pro has always featured impressive technical specs, but it had been almost three years since the company made any major changes to the product line, leading some to speculate that Apple was thinking about ditching the Mac Pro entirely.

But at the World Wide Developers Conference, CEO Tim Cook's team released information about a new kind of desktop that looked nothing like previous generations, or any other computer for that matter. The new Mac Pro has a sleek, cylindrical design with an innovative thermal core that disperses heat more efficiently than conventional desktop designs.

This allows Apple's desktop to run more powerful processors without the risk of overheating. The Mac Pro will feature 12-core Ivy Bridge E Xeon E5 processors, server-grade CPUs that can make even the most intensive video and graphics tasks easy and fast. The company is ditching hard disk drives in favor of an all solid state solution, again leading to dramatic increases in speed. In addition, the computer's storage will be connected using PCI-express technology, offering two and a half times the speed of a conventional SATA connection found on most desktops.

One of the main questions going forward for Apple is whether the Mac Pro and other desktops will resonate with users. Many customers are migrating to mobile options such as tablets or a customized laptop. But there is still a segment of business and creative types who want sheer computing power, and for that there are no models that perform better than the Mac Pro. Check out PortableOne's online store for the latest Apple technology.

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