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As the New Year approaches, you're going to see quite a few "Best Of" and "Year In Review" lists pop up all over the internet. But sometimes it's also interesting to think about what might happen in the next 12 months, particularly in the world of consumer technology. What trends will govern the choices that manufacturers make in terms of designs and capabilities? Which companies will dominate and which will collapse?

These questions were the subject of a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, which picked out five trends for the coming year in technology. These are three of their most interesting predictions:

  • Curated content and marketing: You may have noticed recently that YouTube will give you a choice between two commercials before it plays the video you want to see. Expect to see more of this, on other platforms, in 2014.
  • Simplicity will rule: One of the things that Apple is known for is the simplicity of its product designs, whether it's the iPad mini or the MacBook Air. These designs have resonated with consumers who want a more streamlined, intuitive interface on their computing devices, so expect this style to dominate new products in the coming year.
  • Social media will spread to more applications: The ability to watch TV with others and perform more activities in concert with your friends and family will be key for many software developers and app makers.

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