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Even after a cyber scam has been stopped, users may still be affected in the aftermath. Last November, the FBI arrested the masterminds behind a multimillion dollar malware scam, but the organization warns that devices that are still attached to the hackers' network may lose their internet connections when the FBI pulls the plug on the scammers' servers on July 9.

According to CNN, the FBI has been working to disconnect thousands of devices from a series of web servers that the hackers used to cheat the owners out of roughly $14 million. However, the FBI estimates that 350,000 computers around the world are still connected to the network, 85,000 of which are in the United States. Once the servers are deactivated on Monday, any infected hardware may be entirely cut off from the internet, so the FBI has set up a website where anyone can verify whether or not their computer is linked to the scam circuit.

The alleged cyberattackers - six Estonian nationals - were arrested and charged with fraud after a two year FBI investigation, known as Operation Ghost Click. The hackers reportedly used the malware known as DNS Changer to infiltrate hundreds of thousands of Apple computers, as well as desktops and laptops with Windows.

Once they infected the computers, the hackers were able to manipulate the online advertising that appeared by rerouting the hardware to their corrupted servers. They were then able to receive the funds from every transaction.

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