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While the 2012 Summer Olympics may have ended in a quintessentially British celebration that featured everyone from popular boy band One Direction to a reunion of 90s power pop quintet the Spice Girls, the social media coverage of the Olympic Games is still winding down.

As more people take to the internet to share their ideas, social media begins to play an even bigger role in all of our lives. And if this Olympics seemed more social media focused than any in the past, that's probably because social media is a lot more widespread: There are 800 million more Facebook users this summer than there were in 2008, according to figures reported by the Associated Press.

Runner Usain Bolt is perhaps the most popular Olympian. His gold medal performance in the 200-meter dash gained the unusual distinction of being the most tweeted-about olympic moment this year. With more than 80,000 tweets coming in per second, it's hard not to see him as the people's choice olympian.

But other athletes were on the losing end of the online popularity contest. Some Olympians were even banned from the games after posting less than sportsmanlike thoughts on Twitter.

Many people opted to live-stream important Olympic events, just so that they could participate in the social conversation surrounding the games. But this proved to be a challenge for many would-be spectators, as problems with NBC's live streaming player prevented thousands from watching on computers.

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