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During the "dot com" era, there were a few efforts to develop same-day delivery services that would allow customers to purchase products from home and receive them within hours of placing the order. At the time, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, such businesses were unsuccessful due to the high cost of providing such a service. But in the past few years, the advent of the iPad mini and other mobile computing solutions, as well as the evolution of sites like and Ebay, have led many companies to reconsider the merits of same day delivery and other instant gratification sales tactics.

The New York Times reports that MasterCard is expected to announce an agreement with magazine publisher Conde Nast to develop digital ads for the tablet versions of its publications that will allow readers to purchase products instantly within an advertisement. Additionally, Amazon and Google have been exploring the possibility of same day delivery services in urban areas, with pilot programs being carried out in the Bay Area.

Perhaps even more indicative of the changing times, there has been an effort to resurrect, a same day delivery site that went bankrupt during the Dot Com crash. The company allowed customers to order products from any store, and would send out gophers to pick the item up and deliver it.

What these services all have in common is an effort to capitalize on the growing mobile computing market and the increasing use of tablets and customized laptops. With these devices, you have more freedom when it comes to ordering products from your favorite websites. To see the latest deals on these devices from PortableOne, check out our online store today.

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