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For the first time since 1987, Microsoft is rebranding. The technology company, which decided to unveil its new logo at the grand opening of the Boston Microsoft Store, has gone forward with the updated design in hopes that the company will stay current in the minds of the public.

The new logo represents a departure of sorts for the software, and now hardware company, which is set to begin selling its Surface tablet soon to keep up with industry trends. It features the word Microsoft in a sans-serif font called Segoe. Windows users may notice that this font is featured a lot in the design of their operating systems.

For the first time in the brand's five-logo history, the new symbol includes an image. To the left of the word "Microsoft" is a flat, four-paned, four-colored window. This appears to be a variation of the image that used to accompany the Windows logo.

Overall, the goal of the rebranding project is that Microsoft continues to appear current to an increasingly volatile consumer base. While the old logo saw the company through its most prosperous period, becoming the most valuable company in history in 1999, Microsoft has recently come upon harder times.

Just a few days ago, Apple surpassed Microsoft for the distinction of the most valuable company in history, though financial analysts assert that, adjusted for inflation, Microsoft still holds the title. Perhaps more concerning to officials at Microsoft though, another report placed the iPhone alone at a higher value than the entirety of Microsoft, based on profits from 2011.

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