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Because professional workflows are slowly migrating to the cloud and mobile devices, many tech industry observers are noting that the line between personal and business lives is slowly blurring. A recent article in Ars Technica points out that workers are spending a lot less time in front of their desktop, and more time on their custom laptop, tablet or smartphone both at home and in the office.

The author notes a study by Forrester Research in which 9,766 information technology (IT) workers were surveyed about their technology use. Sixty-three percent use a laptop at least once a week, 48 percent utilize a smartphone and 21 percent operate with a tablet weekly.

The increased reliance on these devices has presented both advantages and problems. On the one hand, companies can expect that their workers are putting in more hours every day than they had when they were required to sit at a desk. The advent of tablets has made it easier for employees to carry out tasks that had previously been limited to the big screens of desktop computers. But at the same time, there are security concerns, as companies need to be careful about what kind of data can be accessed once the worker goes home for the day. Particularly in government agencies and highly regulated fields, there is a big risk that confidential information could be compromised once it leaves the building.

But the increased productivity and flexibility afforded by investing in customized laptops and other mobile devices more than makes up for these small issues that will eventually be worked out through better software and security measures. Check out the PortableOne online store for some great deals on notebooks and tablet computers that can make your job easier!

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