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In just a few short weeks, millions of American students will be heading back to college for the fall semester, continuing their pursuit of academic excellence and better job prospects. What virtually every one of them will need is a new custom laptop to help them produce better schoolwork. 

But finding the right computer for your university-bound son or daughter isn't easy. The needs of each individual user vary so greatly that it's hard to pin down what, exactly, is the right combination of components. Your kid may be a film major in need of a high-powered super machine that can process high definition video and graphics, or they may be the bookworm in search of the quietest library or coffee shop on campus and need an ultraportable notebook that they can tote around easily.

Generally speaking, you'll be trying to strike the right balance between mobility, energy efficiency and power. Computers like the MacBook Air provide the convenience your student is looking for if they want something that will take up less space and can be easily transported around campus, while the MacBook Pro gives them an advantage when they need to handle large amounts of data and processor-intensive tasks like photo editing, programming and graphic design.

The best thing you can do is to consult with your student on their individual needs. Let them know your budget, and figure out the right combination of parts that will give them optimized performance. Then head on over to the PortableOne store, where you'll find a superb collection of the latest computing technology that will help students get more out of their college career than they though possible.

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