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Typically, the most popular apps in the iOS App Store tend to be games, fitness programs and software versions of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. But this year's App of the Year, as selected by Apple, demonstrates that there is a lot more utility in iOS devices beyond simple entertainment and productivity applications.

Duolingo, which can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad Air and iPad mini, is a learning app that makes acquiring new languages, such as Spanish, Italian and French, more like a game and less like a high school class. It has been downloaded 10 million times, and because it's free, it can be used by those who may not be able to afford more expensive language acquisition programs such as Rosetta Stone.

According to USA Today, Duolingo was created by Carnegie Mellon professor Luis von Ahn and his student Severin Hacker, who had the idea for the app after they realized there were no inexpensive language learning resources. They plan to expand the app's current offering of six languages to over 50 by next year.

By "gamifying" language, Ah and Hacker were able to create an educational experience that didn't feel boring or slow moving. One of the major strengths of tablet computers is that they make learning processes much more engaging for younger users. Whether there's a student in your life who needs the latest learning technology to get the most out of their schooling, or you're simply a curious person who's always trying to acquire new knowledge, the Apple iPad is one of the best tools available for these purposes. You can find out more by visiting PortableOne today.

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