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Apple has announced that it will be spending $100 million to bring Mac production to the United States, rather than having them produced in China as had previously been the case.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook revealed in an interview with Politico, a national political news website, that the company would be assembling their computers in factories located in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Illinois and Kentucky, with many of the parts also being manufactured stateside.

According to Ars Technica, a technology news site, Macs haven't been produced in the United States since 1992, when Apple shut down its only domestic factory. The only exceptions are custom built models that include special components.

The switch to domestic manufacturing could bring significant jobs and income to the states where these facilities will be located. Apple, along with many other tech companies, has sometimes received criticism for the fact that although its products are developed in the U.S., they are then built elsewhere to take advantage of the lower costs of labor. However, the latest news indicates that Apple has found a way to make domestic production profitable.

The source also states that Apple has invested in building a campus in Austin, Texas, which could mean the company hopes to expand some of its other operations there, including hardware and software development.

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