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In just a few days, Microsoft is going to be ending its technical support for the Windows XP operating system. XP has been a staple of Microsoft for years, first being introduced to the general public in 2001. A majority of laptops with windows still run on XP, with some people reluctant to make the switch over to a newer system. But with the end of XP just around the corner, those users are going to have to make the switch to either Windows 7 or Windows 8, or else they risk leaving their computers vulnerable to viruses and other cyber attacks.

Here are a few of the advantages that Windows 7 has over XP:

  • Improved look: Windows 7 is all about the experience of the user, and making the computer as easy to operate as possible. This system has a streamlined physical appearance, as well as different shortcuts that can be used. The interface is intuitive, so a person can access their files and apps easily.
  • New web browser: The Internet Explorer in Windows 7 is updated, so it will allow you to surf the web more securely. There is a filtering alert system that will let you know the possible dangers posted by a website. XP's version of this browser, on the other hand, will be open to all kinds of attacks after tech support ends.
  • Taskbar: When you are using more than one feature on the computer at once, the taskbar will allow you to keep track of your activities. It even has pop-up windows - giving the computer a three-dimensional feel - that can help you locate a lost window.

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