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Windows XP has been Microsoft's most popular operating system since it first debuted in August 2001. It now has just under a month of support from the company, as Microsoft announced that April 8, 2014 would be the last day that they would be offering technical assistance for the outdated system. Though the company has been trying to get individuals and businesses to make the switch from Windows XP to either Windows 7 or 8, some are resisting making the conversion.

Earlier this week, Microsoft expressed concern that 16 percent of large companies in India are still working with the Windows XP operating system. It believes this is an alarming situation because the businesses still using this system only have another month of technical support before being on their own with their technology. Members of the company do not believe that Microsoft is being unfair to consumers as they have stated publicly that the average system is supported for five years and Windows XP has been up and running for nearly 13.

Microsoft has seen a recent spike in people making the switch to a newer system, with 25 percent changing in just the last 18 months. Since Windows 7 was first launched in 2009, 84 percent of the millions of PCs in commercial use have switched from Windows XP, but that still leaves a sizable portion of the business world using an operating system that is soon to be outdated and no longer protected from viruses or other potential computer problems.

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