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With the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft now has three main operating systems available to users, the others being its Windows Phone and desktop OS's. Users who have had the chance to work with all three will likely notice that they share a lot of the same features and design choices, with flat, tiled interfaces replacing the Windows look of old. Much as Apple has tried to use a similar aesthetic across its iOS and OS X Mavericks platforms, Microsoft also seems to be aiming to bring together its various systems so that customers are given a more cohesive user experience.

Now, a new rumor from Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet indicates that the company is taking further steps to unify its OS ecosystem. Microsoft developers are reportedly working on the next big update to Windows, codenamed "Threshold," which will bring about unprecedented seamlessness to the operating system, if Foley's reports are true.

Microsoft itself has not confirmed the rumor, but it makes sense that the tech giant would be embarking on such an effort. One of the strengths of Apple's devices is how well they all work together. Bringing similar functionality to the Xbox, tablets, smartphones and laptops would put Microsoft in a position to better compete for customers who want easier migration between their entertainment center, productivity machines and mobile solutions.

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